As the clock clicks down to another harvest, it’s time to make some room in the winery. Here are a series of short videos and time lapses of our most recent bottling of Dysfunctional Family 2017 “Red Blend”. 

Starting with some barrels full of the wine:


Seven short bottling videos to view in sequence:

conveying clean bottles and flushing with inert gas

filling bottles with the red blend

put a cork in it!

add a nice matte black capsule

apply labels to bottles

bottling is complete

time lapse of the bottling line

time lapse viewed from a catwalk above the bottling line

Federal law requires that we check the fill level to assure every bottle meets/exceeds 750ml. This device assures that level of accuracy.

fill height bottle

The first case off the line of 2017 Dysfunctional Family Winery “Red Blend”

case of wine

The 2017 Dysfunctional Family Red Blend labels:



Hillside Cabernet vineyard on Sonoma Mountain waiting to harvest, brix as of September 2nd were around 18 (+/- 1.5) heading toward 24-26.


Squeezing in the annual ‘trimming of the palms’ before harvest…

chainsaw trimming the Canary palm

Canary palm all cleaned up, with the Hydeout Sagrantino ripening in the background…


Event: Sonoma International Film Festival ‘outdoor movie event’ at the Hydeout

Friday, September 20th, Jonathan Demme’s Stop Making Sense

Buy tickets to 9/20 showing of “Stop Making Sense” at the Hydeout

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