Hydeout Sonoma has many wonderful clients. Our New York-based clients, owners of the Sovare label, came into town to taste their 2017 vintage. Sovare is an estate hillside vineyard near Sonoma Mountain comprising equal percentages of Cabernet, Sangiovese, and Zinfandel. 

Hydeout Sonoma took over management of the vineyard in 2015. At that time the vineyard was not in good shape. After a lot of dedicated attention, this is the vineyard as of July 2018:

Sovare 2018

And here is a pictorial essay of Sovare’s visit to the Arcana Winery custom crush facility where Hydeout Sonoma makes the Sovare wine:

Using a wine thief, I am pulling equal sample volumes from these barrel and blending into wine glasses ‘on the fly.’

Hydeout winery visit 3

Almost ready with equal parts from several different barrels:

Hydeout winery visit 4

The moment of truth, tasting the 2017 vintage.

Hydeout winery visit 6

Discussion follows, how much more time in the barrel, in what way is the 2017different from 2016, what wood to use in 2018, and so on.

Hydeout winery visit 7

And more discussion…

Hydeout winery visit 8

And more discussion…

Hydeout winery visit 9

Having settled on the key next steps fro 2017 and 2018, now we need to decide where to go for lunch! We ended up at El Dorado Kitchen on the square for some al fresco dining.

Hydeout winery visit 10

This is the first Sovare vintage, from 2016:

Sovare 2016 bottle

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