Vineyard, Wine, And Brand Consulting
20 years of expertise applied to private client projects
specializing in small production premium brand development
Sonoma land owners trust Hydeout Sonoma Consulting with their vineyard construction, vineyard management, winemaking, and brand development. Since 1999 I have been consulting to wonderful private clients – from tech execs in Silicon Valley to second-home owners in Sonoma – who trusted me to build their vineyards, manage their farming, make their wine, and develop their brands. With lots of help from so many good people – employees, friends, colleagues, and key vendors – we’ve built and farmed in excess of forty unique vineyards and made dozens of special wines across more than fifteen vintages. Without exception, our clients have been kind and thoughtful people with interesting careers across many fields. They all placed their trust in me. That trust continues to be an honor and a privilege.
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Hope for the future of wine and food

From my view on the Advisory Board of the Sonoma Valley High School Agri-Tech Academy, I get a first-row seat to watch some of our best and brightest explore their love of farming and plan for their (and our) wine and food futures. Pictures are worth a thousand words,...

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