It takes a lot of beer to make wine!

It's an old adage in the wine profession, often said with a knowing laugh, that "it takes a lot of beer to make wine." Why? Because working out in the vineyards in the heat of the day is a really...

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Sonoma hits record high temps

Roaring hot in Sonoma this week... Anecdotal information is always susceptible to mental inflation, especially when it comes to weather. Fact-based meteorology is more reliable. But still, it sure...

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Hail storm in the vineyard in June in Sonoma

The weather on Sunday got a little crazy in Sonoma as a rain and hail storm raced across from Bennett Valley and Kenwood in Sonoma to St Helena in the Napa Valley. Even during the last three very...

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Welcome to the Hydeout Sonoma vineyard and wine blog

For 20 years, I have been growing grapes, making wine, launching my client’s wine brands, and hopefully entertaining people with candid anecdotes from the wine industry. In this weekly blog, expect to see reports from field, crush pad video, commentary on misconceptions, and eventually (when I get brave enough to stick my neck out!) leaning towards politically incorrect material about the wine business. I hope to post once per week, typically on Sunday mornings. Comments always welcome. Outrageous entertaining replies encouraged.

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