Hydeout Sonoma – Our Story
Hydeout Sonoma is an eleven-acre family farm in the Carneros region of Sonoma California wine country. It is the home base from which our estate Sagrantino wine is made, the vineyard and wine consulting business is operated, where travelers can learn more about our two wine country vacation rentals, and where catalog, film, and movies are shot.
Consulting and Winery Inquiries
Events, Photo Shoots, and Vacation Rentals



Raised in Massachusetts, Texas, and California, Ken began his career as a geologist for the Bechtel Corporation in San Francisco, flying to various job sites around the country, often amongst the first to arrive at raw job sites – a power plant in Georgia, a coal mine in Alaska, or hazardous waste cleanup in upstate New York. After Graduate School, Ken pursued a number of careers in various industries before happily and finally landing in grapes and wine. He was amongst the first to offer vineyard development services to Silicon Valley clients through his firm Post &Trellis Vineyards. And he was amongst the first to build an urban winery in the Bay Area, making his client’s wines at his dedicated facility, La Honda Winery on the San Francisco Peninsula in Redwood City, California. Both firms are still in operation today. Ken sold the companies in the mid 2000’s, and acquired the Hydeout Sonoma farm. He and the family have slowly developed the farm, first cleaning the site of debris, eradicating invasive weeds and Eucalyptus, then adding chickens, bees, vineyards, olives, raised beds, solar power, while working to recover the open grassland and creeks from over-use. Ken’s full-time occupation remains growing grapes and making wine for private clients in wine country.



Raised in central Florida, Cynthia attended Tulane University. Shortly after graduation she packed herself up and moved to San Francisco, beginning work at various advertising agencies. She raised their three children spending long years cooking, cleaning, driving car pools, volunteering at many schools. Concurrently, Cynthia developed and managed all corporate and private events for the La Honda Winery in Silicon Valley. Her corporate clients included Facebook, Google, SuccessFactors and many more.   Cynthia now manages both guest houses and the lifestyle activities at Hydeout Sonoma.

Ken and Cynthia have been married for 30 years and have three grown children. They met on a blind date. They were scheduled to have coffee, but Cynthia had been thrown from a horse that morning and ended up in a hospital bed. Not wanting to miss the chance to meet, Ken convinced her to let him visit her in the hospital. There they met, and the rest, as they say, is history.
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